The Thin Green Line: An Interactive Map to Our Successes

The Cascadian region’s resilient fight against the coal, oil, and gas industries

A large part of the Cascadia movement is centered around individual and community empowerment. We seek to encourage people to reengage with their local communities, push environmental and economic responsibility, and development local and personal resilience to support our region’s environment and social being.

As a region, and as communities, we have often gone above and beyond to fulfill these ideals. In 2010, the Northwest region saw its first proposal for large-scale coal exports. Shortly after, a policy and research non-profit called Sightline started tracking the region’s fossil fuel transportation. 

In that time, communities covering the bioregion, from Oregon to British Columbia, have fought a sincere and successful fight against “wave after wave of schemes” from the coal, oil, and gas industries. With the help of tribes and First Nations, environmental supporters, and many other organizations and individuals, nearly every proposed project they oppose has been defeated. This movement against the region’s fight against dirty energy sources has been called the “Thin Green Line.”

We at CascadiaNow! thank each and every person, and organization, that has contributed to the fight to keep coal, oil, and gas industries from growing in our region, and your commitment to keeping Cascadia a beautiful place for the future. Below is a link to an interactive map made by Sightline of the Thin Green Line movement. The map seeks to record the history of controversial project proposals, and track new and emerging ones.

The map is embedded in the following article on Sightline:

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