The Detective from Geoduck Street: The Matter of Cascadia

A brand new Cascadian novel has just been released! A Detective from Geoduck Street by Sylvester Olson is ‘an epic fantasy’, noir no good gritty crime, scifi novel for the Pacific Northwest!

Following a conniving, grouchy, lying, cheating, stealing, passive-aggressive private investigator Mack S. Mack across the galaxy from his home planet of Lakwitchee, to flee his old responsibilities and start a new life. But on the eve of his departure, an old legal agreement returns to haunt him, and Mack finds himself investigating a gruesome murder case he never wanted. But all clues point to a greater conspiracy, which reveals a prophetic destiny… …a destiny from which Detective Sjøbrobær will attempt to escape by using every manner of conniving, grouchiness, lying, cheating, stealing, and passive-aggressiveness he can gather within himself.

But why Cascadia? Author Sylvestor Olson notes

“I’ve striven to capture the texture of the geography, history, and culture of the Pacific Northwest. But the book also functions as a full-blown fantasy. Planets are named with Chinook Jargon words. Trawlers cast their nets for fish in outer space. City skylines feature multiple “Space Needles” (I give them a different name) which serve as lighthouses to direct incoming boats in orbit. Sasquatch (and jackalopes) lurk in the great evergreen forests beyond city limits… I understand that when we talk about Cascadia, we’re usually talking about a political/environmentally scientific approach to the region. But as people like J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas demonstrated for us, modern people need their mythology, too. A Detective from Geoduck Street is my stab at providing just that: a regionalist epic fantasy that I hope will capture the imagination of people who live here.”

And so begins the 5-part Matter of Cascadia. As the book description notes: “Some countries have national epic poems. Some regions have defining literature. The Pacific Northwest now has a fantasy universe all to itself.”

For anyone who picks it up, let us know what you think!

If your a PNW Scifi/Fantasy fan, think about picking up a copy available on Amazon here


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