Eat Local Year-Round: Cascadian Cookbook

The benefits to eating locally are numerous — seasonal food provides bolder flavors and nutrients while also supporting the local economy and environment. Lucky for us, the Cascadian summer and fall farmers’ markets have an abundance of produce that make eating local a pretty effortless task. In contrast, the winter months that bring endless rain and overcast skies seem to throw a little curve ball for local eaters as the main season crops turn to mush. Thanks to an innovative project called The Cascadian Cookbook, with a little planning and sharing of local recipes – local winter dining proves to be pretty effortless too.  

Eating locally year-round comes down to preparation and being aware of what foods are available in any given season. The Cascadian Cookbook aims to strengthen our bioregional food system by educating Cascadians about what local foods are available during the winter and by providing locally inspired recipes. Their website also provides useful information on how to plant your winter garden as well as how-to guides for freezing or drying foods to help you plan ahead and keep your pantry stocked with some of your favorite local foods year-round.

One of the greatest aspects of this project is that it is collaborative! So be sure to head on over to their site not only to learn about all things related to Winter cascadian grub but also to share your favorite winter recipes with your fellow Cascadians. Your contributions will help educate others and help lead to a stronger bioregional food system.

Check out the Cascadian Winter Cookbook here.


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