Support Black Owned Businesses: The Seattle Black Pages

Here in Seattle, in honor of Black Business Month, an awesome group of folks has stepped up to create the Seattle Black Pages, a directory of black and minority owned businesses that every person can support.

Recently, their successful Kickstarter allowed them to raise more than $12,000 from 770 backers, and the directory includes more than 100 businesses.

If you support Black Lives Matter one of the most important ways you can show it beyond stepping up to a march, rally or protest is to speak with your dollars. As shown by the dismantling of Black Wall-street in 1921, the sabotage and destruction of black owned transportation systems throughout the south, Black owned businesses have not only been on the receiving side of systemic injustice and racism from the very start of this country, but actively considered a target and a threat to the white supremacy of our economic and political systems. This fact that has reverberated through Slavery, Jim Crow and to this day the median wealth of a black family sits at just 10% of that of a median white family, a gap which sits wider now than it did in 1968.

Purchase or download a free PDF copy of the Seattle Black Pages at:

Other ways you can support Seattle Black Pages:

  • Help Them Grow. Purchase copies of Black Pages via our website, email us new businesses to add to our directory, and patron businesses listed in Black Pages.
  • Buy Black, Everyday. Support minority owned businesses, local businesses, and non-profits in your communities.
  • Join Them. Follow them on social media and share our posts. They love, love, content from our supporters! Send us photos of you with your copy of Black Pages, videos of you supporting businesses in your communities, or whatever else you might feel like – either tag us @blackpagesseattle, or email us media at

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