#CHOP / #SeattleProtests: LIVEstreams, broadcasters and resources

List of resources, broadcasters, livestreams and resources for the Capitol Hill Occupy Protest for anyone trying to follow along or watch for themselves. This is an incomplete list. Please let us know via twitter or in comments additional streams and resources that people have.


To Follow the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, use:

#CHOP #seattleprotests #chopcomms #CHOPseattle #seacomms #seattleprotestcomms #Seattlechop #seattlecomms

Because of national news #CHAZ / #CHOP have become flooded with articles and individuals not connected to the area or Seattle.

Police Scanner During Emergenices:

#seascanner #SeattleScanner @scannersquash @EstherScan3. Download APP Scanner Radio if you want to listen yourself.

People to Follow:

As a note. These are citizen journalists. They are funded entirely by viewer donations, to the point where they are buying their own bullet proof vests so they can feel a little bit safer. If you view their streams, or value what they do, think about chipping them a little $$. It goes a long ways.

Omari Salisbury & Converge Media:

Streaming the Revolution. He has been covering from day 1, now for more than a month straight. What began as an unintentional live stream has spawned into a full fledged media team dedicated to covering the #CHOP / #CHAZ protests. He does morning and evening recaps, and tends to be at all major events. He’s not always present or online late at night. @Omarisalhttps://facebook.com/WWConverge/.

Donate via:

  • – https://www.paypal.me/ConvergeMedia
  • – https://venmo.com/convergemedia
  • – https://cash.app/$convergemedia

Diaz Love:

Camped in Cal Anderson with their puppies, Diaz Love is a frequent broadcaster in the evenings and at different marches and events. She is often on hand if there is any type of late night emergency. After recording the shooter vehicle int he last shooting, they are taking a couple days off. They will return shortly, and are currently fundraising for a bullet proof vest. https://facebook.com/Diaz4LOVE

Donate via:

  • – Venmo @itsdiazlove
  • – PayPal lovediaz@pdx.edu

Subpixel Alchemist:

Traffic cam livestream. Runs 24/7. Scroll down a bit as it only gets reset every few days. @MarcusKulik

Shawn Whiting:

Combines live feeds and streams with audio commentary. Also tries to put events in order with context. Twitter / Periscope: @ShawnGui on Twitter and Twitch. https://www.pscp.tv/ShawnGui

SMOL Gamer:

Combines live feeds and streams with audio. Is live around the clock. Combines all feeds and has audio from one going at any given time. https://twitch.tv/smol_gaymer @smol_gaymer on Twitch & Twitter. All income donated elsewhere.

Other livestreamers and accounts that have been active worth following:

Alex Garland: When a car drove into protests and shot a protestor, Alex Garland was there applying a tourniquet, getting the first interview. While he is more spread out, his photography and journalism is worth following. https://twitter.com/AGarlandPhoto

Capitol Hill Seattle: Probably the best actual newsite covering the protests, Capitol Hill News contains articles, interviews and pictures that you just won’t find anywhere else. They are able to set their stories in a real context of the place which MSM just can’t hope to do in a 2 minute sound byte. https://www.capitolhillseattle.com/

Joey Weiser: Communication chair for 43rd district democrats. Livesteramed the early days of #CHAZ and still retweets a lot of content related to black justice in Seattle. https://www.facebook.com/joeywieser

Andrew Grant Houston: @TheUrbanAce on twitter. Recently unemployed, he found himself as a resource during the initial police protestor confrontations at 12th and Pine. venmo: houstonace

Protester Demands

Protestor demands are simple:

  1. Defund SPD by 50%
  2. Divert Funding to Black Communities and Businesses, and social services.
  3. Free all protesters that have been arrested and drop charges.

Additionally, since the #CHOP has begun, many protesters also want to see:

  1. Turn the East Precinct into a community center and center social services.
  2. Make permanent the indigenous and black garden space established in Cal Anderson.
  3. Protect the Artwork created.

Groups to Support

Marcus Henderson with Black Star Farmers:

Marcus and Black Star Farmers is the organizer and group creating the black and indigenous garden space being created in Cal Anderson. The garden has already been negotiated to stay, but direct money donations or donations of seeds, mulch, woodchips, dirt, compost, plants and starts are hugely appreciated.

https://blackstarfarmers.org/ https://www.gofundme.com/f/black-star-farmers

King County Equity Now

King County Equity Now is a Coalition of accountable, Black-led, community based organizations fighting to achieve equity now. They have been a long time and vocal voice for black justice in Seattle, and help run the Africatown Community Land Trust. Their initial demands have already led to concessions by city leaders, gaining an unused fire house to be converted into a community center.  


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