Second Seattle CascadiaNow! Meeting February 13th at Black Coffee 7pm

FB Event Page:

Thanks again to everyone who turned out for our introductory meeting in the end of January.

Our next meeting is scheduled for February 13th, at Black Coffee Coop, same location as last time.

We’ll be establishing our formal organizational format, electing leadership positions and planning a couple events.

Furthermore if you have ideas about how you’d like to see this group structured let me know as well. I’m hoping to have a few different options to present during that part of the meeting and we can decide as a group which will be the best moving forward. 

And if you were able to make the last meeting, this is the perfect time to jump in! Everyone is welcome to attend. Hopefully we see you all there!

If there is anything that you would like to be discussed just shoot an email or post in the event and it’ll be added to the agenda. 

Contact: Adam Munson

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