Seattle Chapter Update

The Seattle Chapter met on February 28th in the Wallingford neighborhood. With over 25 people in attendance, we shared updates on our three main projects: the recipe book, Liquid Democracy and our future podcast. Each Seattle Chapter project is hosting meetups outside the main Chapter meetings, and we welcome anyone interested in participating. Simply email to get linked in!

The next Seattle Chapter meeting is scheduled for April 11th at 6pm and will be hosted in the Wallingford neighborhood. For more information on this event specifically, please visit our events page. For more information on the Seattle Chapter, please join our group on Facebook.

In honor of Earth Day, Seattle Chapter member Marty Kenney will be hosting a restoration party in the Erratic Flats of Thorton Creek Park on April 19th from 10am-4pm. At this work party we will be preparing a new site for planting by pulling out invasive species, laying down mulch and planting natives. 

If you would like to join us, please RSVP for this event using the following links or email Marty Kenney at



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