Same Flag, New Sticker!

 New stickers: stocked up and ready to ship!
New stickers: stocked up and ready to ship!

At the end of 2015 we released our annual survey. The totaled results are coming later in 2016 (yay! spreadsheets!), but there was one thing we noticed right away: our most popular sticker the classic Doug Flag sticker wasn’t holding up for some Cascadians. We work hard at CascadiaNow! to provide high-quality, ethically sourced merchandise so that when you buy from our store to support the CN! non-profit, you can buy with confidence. That’s why we’ve decided to switch manufacturers for our Doug stickers!

Thanks to the lovely folks at, a wonderful Cascadian sticker shop located right in the heart of Georgetown, we are proud to announce that our new stickers are:

  • Printed with eco-friendly inks!
  • Locally sourced (Georgetown, WA)!
  • Fully recyclable!
  • Estimated to last 3-5 years, outdoors!
  • UV Coated (shiny, pretty, durable)!
  • Thicker and more lustrous than before!

So, you can buy these Doug Stickers in our normal size (3×5″) or our small size (2×3″), and in 1 item, 20 packs, or 100 packs, and know that you are getting a truly Cascadian sticker. Now let’s spread the word!

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