/r/Cascadia Subreddit hits 10,000 subscribers!

Congratulations all you redditors out there, the Cascadia subreddit has surpassed 10,000 subscribers! From it’s humble beginning in 2007, the community has grown from just a few dozen individuals into a vibrant and diverse home for a movement continuing to grow, encompassing an average of 20,000-40,000 page views a month, and jumping from less than 9000 at the turn of the year, to cracking 10k, with the year not even over yet!

For those not familiary, Reddit is a forum dedicated to sharing news and information. Any person can create a ‘subreddit’ for their own community, and submitted content, which can either be self-posts or links, get’s upvoted or downvoted by members of that community. This large degree of self-organization and discussion has meant that the /r/Cascadia has (faciliating some of the first in person meetings and events like Rainingman), and will continue to play an important role in continuing to build support and awareness for Cascadia and the Cascadia movement. 

Join us!


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