Rainingman gets a wonderful mention in Thurston County Chronicle

Our CascadiaNow! Rainingman festival got a lovely mention in the South Thurston Chronicle who came out for our second annual event. The article “Rainingman Festival at Mima Mounds Highlights Cascadian Culture” talked about our collaboration with Music on the Mounds, our lovely hosts, and noted that: 

“The festival focused on a community culture where Cascadians come together to bond over their region of the Pacific Northwest and create long-lasting connections. Vendors and craft booths were at the site, as was a community kitchen open to all. Performances over the weekend included slam poetry, musicians and workshops hosted on a variety of topics from cordage-making to non-violent communications.”

The article also featured a lovely interview with our associate director Naomi Botkin. You can read the whole article at:  http://www.chronline.com/rainingman-festival-at-mima-mounds-highlights-cascadian-culture/article_0766e616-5649-11e5-9e2d-2b022a7985bb.html?mode=jqm

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