Portland Cascadia Zine and Resource Guide: First Issue

Cascadia organizers working through the Portland Branch have released their first, fully illustrated and hand drawn Zine and Resource Guide. The project compiles poetry, art, essays and critically examines issues from around the bioregion, incorporating elements of deep green ecology as well indigenous knowledge and a detailed resource guide for the Portland area.

Below is a full copy of the zine. For those who appreciate the work that has gone into creating it, as well as the writing and art, think about donating to their independent fundraising campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/cascadia-pdx

View or download the entire online zine on the Cascadia PDX website at: http://cascadia-pdx.org/zine-resource-guide/

For anyone interested in getting involved in Portland, Oregon, check out the Cascadia Branch website at http://cascadia-pdx.org/ . Meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis, with the next on January 9th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Green Space, PSU Smith Memorial student union building. From their site, people can also sign up for their newsletter, get informed on upcoming events from their calendar, get added onto their Portland action phone tree, as well find links to a wide range of Cascadia related merchandise.

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