Founding Membership a huge success!

Our Founding Membership campaign has been a huge success! 370 contributors, 24 days, and more than $24,720! 

Together, that’s more than $1000 a day, and we couldn’t have dreamed for a more successful Founding Membership, or a more wonderful group of people to share it with. With matching donations from a few very generous anonymous donors, as well as our founding director Brandon Letsinger, in total this campaign raised more than $50,000.

You all are incredible!

We had no baseline, no idea what kind of support to expect, and so the absolute success of this campaign has had a huge impact. Already we have set aside $5000 directly for sponsored projects, $5000 for chapters and groups, and we’re excited that with this success not only are we funded through 2016, but will be able to expand our programming support and create a brand new part time position for a much needed volunteer and outreach coordinator to help us grow this positive movement throughout the Pacific Northwest.  

For the swag, expect it in July. We have already begun creating it from our end and getting our bulk orders in, but some of this can be up to 6 weeks. Rest assured that we are working hard that all of this will be made in the US, and as much of it in the PNW as possible.  As soon as it is here, we’ll start shipping, and we’re trying our hardest to get it to you as fast as possible! If you ordered a t-shirt or hoodie, we will either reach out with you individually, or set up a  google form where people can list preferred sizes and colors.  

Thank you for an amazing and wonderful founding membership experience. Don’t forget to shoot any and all amazing pictures, thoughts or comments right at us @cascadianow on instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, or email or setup a time to chat via phone! 

If any of you ever have ideas or projects somehow involving Cascadia, please just remember, our only purpose is to build an amazing, inclusive positive and kickass movement – and to support you! and all the other wonderful Cascadians out there doing amazing things. 

Thank you all so much and we look forward to working with each of you to build a positive and healthier future here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Viva Cascadia!

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