Occupied Cascadia Documentary Trailer Released

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OCCUPIED CASCADIA is a documentary film exploring the emerging concept of bioregionalism throughout the Pacific Northwest.

It is widely known that we live in a world surrounded by chaos and our environment is on the brink of devastation.  While it has become quite clear to most that something must change, how do we actually come together and figure out the seemingly impossible?

What is Cascadia and what is bioregionalism?  What quality of life will be available for future generations?  Will they be able to breathe the air and drink the water?  Will we be able to overcome our fears and begin this very real and necessary dialogue?  Explore these concepts and more.

To focus on our bioregion is hardly a new concept:

“It has been the animating cultural principal through ninety-nine percent of human history and is at least as old as consciousness.”  –  Jim Dodge

Every place on earth exists within a bioregion.  Cascadia is the land of falling waters located on the northeast Pacific Rim.  Resource wars are upon us, governments are more oppressive than ever, global economies are destabilizing and collapse has become a common reference, so how will humanity adapt to survive these catastrophic times?


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