New Series! The Ten Principles of Bioregional Living

One Planet Living outlines ten key principles of living a bioregional lifestyle. To celebrate bioregion and Cascadia, we will begin a ten week series on each of the ten principles, exploring them each in more depth. “Why are they important?”, “What does it look like in Cascadia?”, “What can I or fellow Cascadians do?” These are just a few of the questions this series will aim to answer about each of the ten principles:

  1. Health and Happiness

  2. Equity and Local Economy

  3. Culture and Community

  4. Land Use and Wildlife

  5. Sustainable Water

  6. Local and Sustainable Food

  7. Sustainable Materials

  8. Sustainable Transport

  9. Zero Waste

  10. Zero Carbon

    The goal of this series is to help guide the Cascadia bioregion community towards a common goal: Living and enjoying a sustainable lifestyle, while preserving our precious Cascadia bioregion so that future people are able to do the same. To help visualize what application of each principle looks like, a fellow Cascadian will be featured in each post of this series. Discussed will be what they are doing in there personal life to demonstrate the principles of bioregional living.

    Stay tuned for the first principle of bioregional living: Health and Happiness by Mariah Edwards-Heflin.

Mariah is studying Communications at Seattle University. Her passion is helping others understand how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She also competes in bodybuilding and powerlifting. She also enjoys reading and meditation on rainy days, and hiking and gardening when the weather permits. Mariah looks forward to learning more about Cascadia and teaching others along the way.








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