New Rainbow Cascadia Pride Patches Available


Recently featured at several Timbers, Thorns and Seattle Reign matches, Camp Cascadia, as well as at both Seattle and Portland pride celebrations, the Rainbow Cascadian Doug Flag is becoming a common site and is a way to show Cascadian solidarity with ongoing efforts for human equality.

The Douglas Fir Cascadia flag patch, in the rainbow colors of LGBT Pride or the international peace flag are now available for $3.00 each or 4 for $10 and all orders come with free shipping! They feature a Douglas Fir tree (‘the Doug’) in front of a rainbow colored stripe.

They are also available for purchase with the muted Cascadian Doug patches. If you want both kinds of patch, just place the orders separately and they’ll be shipped in one package.

Free first-class shipping for all US and Canadian order and allow up to two weeks for orders, though it probably won’t take that long.

They can be purchased directly from

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