New Cascadia Merchandise: T-shirts and Scarves!

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New Batch of Cascadia Scarves Available!

Some would say that Soccer in America is defined by the support of the game in the Pacific Northwest. Designed by Abe Schmidt, this scarf was created with the mission of showing your pride for Cascadia and keeping the cup. The rivalry between Seattle, Portland and Vancouver is a rivalry unlike anything else in American or Canadian Soccer.

Just in time for a new season, and in the midst of the Cascadia Cup TM debacle, we’re excited to announce a new batch of Cascadia Scarves has arrived.  These scarves are sturdy, well made, nice and long and absolutely perfect for guarding your lungs from flare smoke, or for representing Cascadia wherever you might end up.

For those worrying about the increasing monetization of Cascadia related products and supporter group made competitions, all money made from these sales pays back investors, goes directly back into creating more merchandise, and supporting local grassroots Cascadia related clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Scarves are now available for purchase for $22 + $3 SH ($25 total) and can be purchased either below or by accessing our merchandise store here:


New ‘People’s Commonwealth of Cascadia’ T-shirts available

In addition to the wide range of Cascadia patches, flags, stickers, scarves and zines, a new ‘People’s Commonwealth of Cascadia’ T-shirt is available for $25 from the PDX Republic website.

Made by local clothing company Anvil, and sold by the People’s Republic out of Portland, Oregon, all processes are kept within the bioregion, produced right here within Cascadia.  The brand and apparel company are based around celebrating the unique characteristics of the Pacific Northwest as well as elsewhereand are dedicated to social, environmental, and economic initiatives that benefit people and issues directly. Through their sales, they support local, like-minded businesses and non-profits through promotion, sponsorship and donation, working to build a network of communities committed to create lasting change through collaboration and innovative decentralized approaches.

More information and shirts can be purchased from:


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