Just in time for pride – first ever Cascadia Rainbow Flags

Cascadia Rainbow Flags: Available for pre-order now, CascadiaNow! is excited to offer our first ever run of Cascadia Rainbow Doug flags, just in time for LGBTQ events around the region, and screened here in Seattle, one of the hearts of Cascadia.

Like the Doug Flag, the Cascadia Rainbow Flag is an inclusive symbol of the Cascadia social and cultural movement and shows the incredible beauty of this region, it’s people and our awesome diversity.

2×3′ Rainbow Cascadia Flags can be found in our store here, and 3×5′ full sized Rainbow Cascadia Flags can be found in our store here.

The Cascadia movement rejects racism, hate, fear, sexism, white supremacy, or any type of discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, personal beliefs or choices, and we are proud to be working with some an amazing community and place based movement.

We look forward to building a coalition that empowers every person and community, and provides space for indigenous, POC, and traditionally marginalized communities, and of course the millions of amazing Cascadians who live here, to advocate with their own voices, find solidarity and support, and break down boundaries which are harmful and negative . 

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