J19: Guerrilla Art School, a huge success!

On Thursday, January 19th, Seattle CascadiaNow! helped host a self proclaimed ‘Guerrilla Art School’ at the Columbia City Church of Hope in Seattle.

A huge thank you to the Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, Seattle CascadiaNow!, all the WXMarch organizers, Food Not Bombs, Project Wrongway, Filthy Femcore, Chaotic Noise, PussyHat organizers, and all the wonderful workshop facilitators, and people helping do stencil trainings, wheatpaste trainings, and run our silkscreen, print making and button stations.

The night started with space for the Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalitions to create signs and banner for January 20th activities, shirt making for the Women’s March on the 21st, and then created a ton of space for stencil making, screen printing, and creating posters. As the night progressed, people brought thousands of different sized posters, and food not bombs prepared food and wheatpaste, Project Wrongway: A Capitol Hill Sweatshop helped people sew patches on and of course included a Pussyhat Photobooth. Throughout the night, more than 200 people filtered in and out, packing the church basement rendering the dozens of tables, and every inch floor space into DIY arts and crafts centers.

Around 9pm, materials were divvied up, and folks hit went off into the night and hit the streets!

Read this wonderful article by Chloe Collyer covering J19 from the Seattle Globalist

J19 Guerrilla Art School Photo Gallery

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