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In this February edition of the Cascadia Monthly:

  • Cascadia Cup™? – by Nate Jensen
  • Black Cottonwood and the Balm of Gilead – by Ellen O’Shea
  • Cascadia National Team a Reality
  • CascadiaNow! Partners with King County for Invasive Species Removal – by Adam Munson
  • New Cascadia Merchandise: T-Shirst and Scarves now available
  • Cascadia Updates Occupied Cascadia Documentary Streaming Online| Portland Cascadia and Resource Guide: First Issue | CascadiaNow! Gets a nice mention in Forbes Magazine | Cascadia Flag makes its way to Catalonia vs. Real Madrid match | The Cascadia Subduction Zone: Literary Journal Enters its third year
  • Cascadia in Pictures: January
  • Upcoming Cascadia Events Cascadia: New Art Exhibit in British Columbia | Cascadian Gathering 2013: Occupy the Forests
  • Timeline in Cascadia: February – by Alex DeVeito
  • Your Daily Chinook WaWa – February
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