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Workshop: Rule re Rail & Pipeline Oil Movement (Olympia & Online)

Washingtonians interested in shaping laws that enhance the safety of transporting oil through the state are invited to share input at several upcoming workshops hosted by the Washington Department of Ecology.

Ecology is beginning the process to draft and update three rules related to oil transportation by rail and pipeline. The first rule creates a new law for notice requirementsfor facilities receiving crude oil by rail and pipelines. The second rule describes contingency planning requirements for railroads that transport oil (crude or refined) in bulk. And the third rule updates a current law for oil-spill contingency planning standards for pipelines.

The workshops provide an opportunity for the regulated community, interested members of the public, state, local and tribal governments to learn about the draft rules and provide input on the language. For more information: click here

To find out how to join the webinar, copy/paste the link into your browser:

Click to access Webinar1513.pdf

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