Cascadians Against War upcoming action in Seattle

“Since 2001, we could have given 500 Million dollars to every city with a population over 100,000, paid every single student loan in existence in the US or given free health care to every resident for life for the cost of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
CAWAs part of an upcoming national day of action, Cascadians Against War (CAW) will be sponsoring a bloc in the Seattle Antiwar march and rally beginning at 11am, August 3rd at Westlake Center to end at the Federal Building on 1st and Marion.

Organizers also realize that there are currently many other issues that are important to individuals and communities in the Pacific Northwest, and are interested in working to represent a broad scope for what people are concerned by. More than just a part in an anti-war march, we want this to be a uniquely Cascadian action, unencumbered by the traditional connotations and right/left politics of past events. We also hope that this will be a way for individuals not to just to protest issues they find wrong with our current government, but to also present a more positive vision for the Pacific Northwest, as well as their hopes for a better future, not just for the Cascadia bioregion, but also the world at large.

If you are interested, there will also be a work party to prepare information, banners and flags two days earlier at MOB Studios in the SODO district of Seattle. More information below:

C.A.W Work Party:

C.A.W. March and Rally at Westlake:

For those not in Seattle, but interested in linking in with Cascadians Against War, they have a general facebook group here:


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