Cascadians Against Hate Coalition Forming

Members of the Cascadian Movement have formed The Cascadians Against Hate and Hate Filled Ideologies Coalition

We are proud to be an organization that rejects racism, hate, fear, sexism, white supremacy, or any type of discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, personal beliefs or choices, and that celebrates the diversity and individuality of our region’s community. Recently, members of the Cascadia movement have developed a united coalition against hate and hate-filled ideologies.

In a statement released, the Cascadians Against Hate Coalition stated that it “does not promote, permit, or condone any behaviors or actions of a sexist, racist, derogatory, or discriminatory nature . . . Moreover, we outright condemn all hate groups, their actions and ideas, as they run contrary to the core Cascadian bioregional beliefs and tenets. These groups threaten to undermine the sacred relationship between biodiversity and nature, which is the crux of life.”

The coalition released its statement in response to a reoccurring incidence of select individuals co-opting the Cascadia name and its icons for hate-filled actions. The coalition, as well as CascadiaNow!, demand such hate groups to stop their perversion of the symbols and meaning associated with Cascadia.

The history of the name Cascadia has always been “against oppression and hateful ideologies. As a movement embedded in bioregionalism, and creating a meta-culture surrounding popular icons, like the Cascadian tricolor flag, it has always been a struggle against oppression.” We as an organization are proud to promote this symbol of bioregionalism, and to celebrate the long history of diversity our region enjoys, and has enjoyed for uncountable centuries. 

The Cascadian flag, designed by Alexander Baretich in 1995, represents our bioregion, its landscape and history, and to many “conjures a deep sense of belonging and home.” The flag is never to be used by hate groups, or with hate-filled speech or actions.  

The coalition invites other organizations to join them, and gives the option for individuals to maintain an element of privacy in doing so to protect their identity. To learn more, and to join the coalition, please visit

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