Cascadia the Free (Karaoke Version!) – by Littlebear and Fostervillagers

A popular version of Cascadia the Free has been made available via youtube! A folksy song by Little Bear and the Fostervillagers out of Portland, OR. Download the soundcloud MP3 here:

“The Cascadia Movement as I know it is not about nationalization. It is about replacing our current dysfunctional models of societal organization with bioregional consciousness: organic, holistic structures that are scaled appropriately to the land we all depend on for our health and lives. No one is illegal. There is no such thing as waste. No more ignoring that we, the benefactors of colonization, are on stolen land. We’re here to show another world is possible.”

The video itself was made using youtube videos from the Sockeye Salmon run of Adams River, Mt. Hood, WTO protests, Occupy Portland, and more! To learn more about Cascadia, visit either the Cascadia Education Project or Cascadia Now!

To learn more about bioregionalism, check out this piece:…
Feel free to parody/create your own version of this song as much as you like and link it here!

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