Cascadia Street Art

Cascadia Street Art Campaign spotted in Seattle


Cascadia Street Art – In neighborhoods around Seattle, a series of stickers, posters and flyers have been spotted going up on trash bins, newspaper boxes, stop signs and utility poles in a new Cascadia Street Art wheatpasting campaign by Cascadia supporters.

The posters, which recently caught the eye of Seattle Weekly reporter Kelton Sears in this article, include both black and white 11×17 images, and others in full color. Organizers seem to primarily use wheatpaste, a simple mixture of sugar, water and flour (pancakes!) and luckily for the CascadiaNow! legal coffers, completely bio-degradable and legal. While not officially endorsed by our organization, we have enjoyed watching pictures rolling in via twitter, instragram, email and facebook groups.

In the Cascadia Street Art, many of the B&W flyers, are simple and stark, and feature a Cascadia related photograph, social media for our twitter, facebook and reddit are included, and a brief lighthearted slogan that range from “CascadiaNow! because 6500 people in an online forum can’t be wrong!” to “CascadiaNow! and maybe later…” to our personal favorite “CascadiaNow! because, uh, like.. the government and stuff”. On other, normal sized 81/2×11 sheets of paper, Sasquatch makes several appearances, waving a Cascadian flag in one and boldly declaring for a Free Cascadia, while in another a hipster Sasquatch pines “CascadiaNow!…. you’ve probably never heard of it.”

ff50a9c4cbdae8de651ab0d08cd773f5Some are more socially relevant, and include a Cascadia pride flag (a rainbow flag with a Doug on it) with the more direct slogan of “Because fuck homophobic racist assholes” in a show of solidarity with the Seattle Gay Pride weekend. In addition, hundreds of smaller Doug Fir flags were put up, along with dozens of rainbow pride flags. The Cascadia Street Art posters also had the potential to be more overtly political, and many featuring a crow over the tri-colors were also spotted. The image is the logo for C.A.W. and stands for Cascadians Against War, geared towards raising awareness for the creation of a Cascadia bloc in an upcoming anti-war rally to held on August 3rd 2013 starting at Westlake at 11am.

The Seattle CascadiaNow! group now meets bi-weekly, and more information can be found here. They will also be having a work party to create flags, banners and materials for the march on August 1st at 7pm at MOB studious in the Sodo District of Seattle. Information for the work party can be found here. Additionally they have members or chapters at Seattle University, University of Washington, North Seattle Community College, and Seattle Central Community College and are always looking for more active and interested folks to help out. For information about the upcoming Cascadia bloc you can RSVP via facebook here.

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