Cascadia Sticker Design Contest!

Cascadia Bumpersticker Free Cascadia
Cascadia Bumpersticker Free Cascadia

In celebration of the two year anniversary of our subreddit, Viva Cascadia Flags is sponsoring a Cascadia sticker design competition to decide what the next great Cascadia sticker will be.

Designs can be submitted through the official competition page here.

Stickers should be less than 1 ft by 1ft in area, preferably a sticker that can be stuck on bikes and cars, signs, and doors. All over, really, and people are welcome to submit as many as they would like. The winner will be the top upvoted sticker. A base of at least 1000 stickers will be printed if there is 1 winner, 500 of each if there are two. is a social space online where discussions can be had and participatory democracy keeps conversations healthy and relevant. It’s a great space to discuss Cascadia and bioregionalism. Our subreddit is found at

Once created, stickers will be distributed to chapter heads and through the screenings of the Occupied Cascadia documentary to help get these out to everyone who would like one.

Recommendations: include somewhere on the sticker to draw more folks to this great discussion space. submit your image as a vector graphic or as a very high resolution piece (300dpi)

These will be vinyl stickers.

This competition is sponsored by Viva Cascadia Flags, who have been responsible for acquiring and selling all the Cascadia flags currently out there. As a reminder, these flags are available for order through their website for $25 + SH.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing what comes out on top. This contest ends on Nov. 7th. Don’t forget to vote (on sticker designs that is!). A general update and reminder will be send out 24 hours before the contest ends, but don’t wait! earlier submissions are likely to get more votes.

The full thread for submissions and voting can be found at:

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