Cascadia Now! Visions of Cascadia Exhibitions in Seattle from March 9th to April 3rd

Cascadia Now! Come see visions of Cascadia as interpreted by a collection of regional artists; curated by Aaron Murray. Part of the NCECA Ceramics conference, Seattle 2012
A mythical region consisting of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and parts of British Columbia.
In reality it is a cultural biosphere, where dress, custom and art form a common culture.

This is Cascadia Now!

Includes works from Charles Krafft, Jeffry Mitchell, Jesse Edwards, Garth Johnson, Aaron Murray, Kristen Loffer Theiss, Zoe Garred, Erich Ginder, Kate Greiner, Chris Theiss, Claire Cowie, Garrick Druss, Matthew Cox.

A group exhibition from a mythical place in the future. Organized by Arron Murray. Mar 9-Apr 2, Tue-Sat 12-6pm. Reception Mar 30, 6-9pm. Located at Fancy, 1914 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101.

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My original idea for Cascadia Now! was to make a show of regional artists with their own interpretation of what a Cascadia could look like. Cascadia, according to most interpretations is mainly the northwest corner of the US and part of Canada which includes Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and may or may not include parts of Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and the Queen Charlotte Islands. The book Ecotopia talked about a Cascadia,many separatists,environmentalists,small government advocates,websites,blogs, and even wikipedia have written about it.
I was thinking about the original thirteen colonies and how less than 5 million formed what became the USA and thought that if our country ever fell apart, we could re-form a nation here in this region, because Washington State alone has 8 million people and the people north and south of us generally are similar in culture, appearance, and politic.


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