Cascadia Now! endorses Panda for Mayor of Eastsound

pandaCascadia Now! is proud to announce our first political campaign and endorsement, supporting the cute and beloved Panda of Eastsound for Mayor on Orcas Island in the San Juans.
Quoting from the official press release of the Panda for Mayor campaign:

“All roads lead to Eastsound, they say when you are on Orcas Island. But only one holds the keys for this wonderful paradise, and that is Panda! Panda with her bark so brave and true is Eastsound’s candidate for mayor. Who else will lead this glorious village towards the glory of tomorrow? When you walk by her on the street and hear her furious bark you cannot deny that under her fearless leadership Eastsound’s prestige will be safe guarded.”

Posters have already begun being posted, and their campaign announces more to come. In addition, Panda, as the Cascadia Independence Coalition’s (CIC) first true candidate, has a clear policy of sustainability, independence and Pacific Northwest values that sets her a part from any other candidate.

“Being the first CIC candidate in history makes Panda different. We have all heard the promises of the others, year after year it’s the same old thing. “woof woof woof, moo mooo mooo, change we can believe in, believe in America, ‘a stronger america’.”  Well! Panda thinks enough is enough! As a representative of the Cascadian Indpendence Coalition Panda will work tirelessy to restore your rights and ensure a free and sustainable future for everyone. When you the proud folks of San Juan County voted to ban GMO farming in the county Panda barked for joy! But Panda believes this is just the start. She has told me that we can throw off the oppressive regimes poised to destroy our way of life. Across the water at her favorite beach Panda knows what they are planning to build at cherry Point.  As Mayor she of eastound she would use every ounce of strength in her office to oppose this travesty from occurring.

So who is this Panda for Mayor?

“We all know Panda as the dog who barks at you in town, but who is Panda the person? Of course none among us could question her tenacity or bravery, but what about her drives her to acquire such noble cause as to defend the Gloria of Eastsound? One word, integrity, Panda’s got it. Panda has the bark you can believe in. When she barks at you, or shows you her little snarl, you better bet it’s the real deal. With a mayor like Panda in office you can be rest assured Eastsound is in capable and able paws.”

Panda! The only real candidate you can believe in.

You can follow the exploits of the next and future mayor of Eastsound on their Twitter at:


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