Trevor Owen mans the Cascadia information table at a match during the CONIFA WFC2018

Cascadia in London Media Roundup

Cascadia in London Media Roundup

With one game to go, an unprecedented spotlight has shone on Cascadia in London for the past week. Catch up on some of the press from around the globe here in our London Media Roundup! 

Team Cascadia huddled together after marching in the opening ceremonies of the CONIFA World Football Cup 2018
We’ll start this London Media Roundup with non other than iconic London periodical The Guardian‘s reporter Matthew Engle nearly marched into the opening ceremonies with Team Cascadia as the event’s kicked off a week ago noting. 

“Cascadia marched behind a flagbearer wearing a bow tie and boater. ‘Who’s oppressing the Cascadians?’ I asked him. ‘Anyone who harms the planet,’ he replied.”

Read The Guardian’s coverage of Cascadia’s great green entry into the Conifa World Football Cup here.

The New Yorker featured an article of the forgotten teams of football highlighting Cascadia’s emergence onto the world stage here in London stating;

“A bonus feature of the Football World Cup is that, in another first, it features American players. The Cascadia Association Football Federation, representing a region spanning Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia, was started in 2013. For a long time, it was little more than a name on a purchasable T-shirt.” 

James Riley exhibits his signature finesse with the football at the CONIFA WFC2018 in a match against Tamil Eelam

In this Headline image, James Riley exhibits his signature footbal finesse in a match against Tamil Eelam 

Read the associated article here.


High on Hipster media, Cascadia in the press has stood out for two calling cards; being a hipster haven, and having the largest region in the world where getting high is legal. Trevor Owen mans the Cascadia information table at a match during the CONIFA WFC2018

An article from noted;

“The beauty of CONIFA is there are so many obscure places taking part in the tournament – whether it’s Cascadia, Padania, Matabeleland or Barawa. It’s unlikely that even your most hipster of football hipster friends will know about them. This will leave you with full reign over a host of stunningly rare and lovely jerseys.”

Read the full article here.


Speaking of Jersey’s, we’re within our last day of jersey sales! Click below to get yours before we send the order for the final run of Team Cascadia’s colors tomorrow! 

_____________________________________________________________ did a smashing job of not just streaming the games live, but also grabbed our attention with the headline; CONIFA Group Stage Review: Padania and Cascadia the teams to beat. The article continued: 

“Cascadia turned the group on its head with a comeback 2-1 win over Barawa in the second round of fixtures. That put the North Americans back in the hunt for the group, and they duly pulled off a striking turnaround from that opening day loss by putting Tamil Eelam to the sword in the final round of matches. That 6-0 triumph put Cascadia above the unfortunate Ellan Vannin in the final standings.”

Here’s a link to the full text.


CASCADIA! Holding down the whole Western Hemisphere!

A map of all CONIFA WORLD FOOTBALL CUP 2018 entrants


Our group saw some controversy as Eallan Vannin stormed out amid controversy. Capital FM Sports covered the issue, but wishing to end on a sweeter note quoted Team Cascadia Captain James Riley as he spoke to Agence Frence Presse: 

“It’s an experience that I’ll treasure for a lifetime. It’s what the beautiful game’s all about: to be able to experience different brands of football, what it means to different regions and groups.”

Team Cascadia Captain James Riley holds up 2.5 month old daughter Brooklyn after 6-0 victory over Temil Eelam for London Media Roundup.

Click here for the full article.


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