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Cascadia Hacks: New Pacific Northwest Tech Collective

Last month, the group Cascadia Hacks was officially formed to facilitate coordination between Cascadian tech communities here in the Pacific Northwest. Their goal is to increase open source collaboration, creativity and provide an established infrastructure for new projects.

Iphone Cell Phone CaseFrom the core urban centers of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver BC to the smaller cities and remote areas of the region, Cascadia Hacks  works to bridge communication gaps, create a better facility for networking, notifications for upcoming events (such as Cascadia Ruby, Cascadia IT Conf or many others) and to generally help increase the awareness of what each city, area and group brings to the Pacific Northwest. It might be game design, crypto-parties, Tor development, open governance software, graphic design or establishing urban spaces and creative villages to help support the continued role that tech communities play.

Cascadia Hacks is not politically affiliated, but instead seeks to help with the underlying mission of bringing together the individuals and communities throughout the bioregion.

Stay tuned as they create a more solidified organization structure, bridge the topology and geography and generally bring people together to make things happen!

If you’re interested in helping out with Cascadia Hacks, joining in activities or you’re inventing the next Internet of Things device that will teleport us into the future you can contact @cascadiahacks or @adron on twitter, or read more from their website here:

Cascadia Hacks


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