Cascadia Flag flying over La Grande, Oregon

The Cascadia Flag was spotted flying over the old Independent Order of Odd Fellows building in downtown La Grande beginning on November 7th. The flag was spotted and featured in an article from the La Grande Observer which noted that “La Grande may have temporarily been the capital of Cascadia.”. 

Awesomely, the article went on to note that:

“The Cascadia Doug flag “is a symbol for the natural beauty and inspiration that the Pacific Northwest provides, and is a direct representation of the bioregion,” according to” and that “the Cascadia movement is more than a bioregion and a place but also a “social movement dedicated to empowering every person to be active and engaged about issues they care about, building toward a bioregion that is vibrant, autonomous, sustainable and accountable for it’s impact.”


While it may only be a temporary symbol, we’re very excited to see the Cascadia Flags growing awareness across the region 🙂

You can read the full article at:

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