Cascadia Flag Cooperative Indiegogo!

Folks down in Portland, Oregon are starting the Cascadian Flag Making Cooperative with the goal of producing locally made Cascadian flags! Alexander Baretich who is one of the founding members of this cooperative also the designed the Cascadian flag in 1995. How beautiful would it be for Cascadian Doug Flags to be made in region, upholding to all the principles and ideals of Cascadia, even eventually using locally sourced materials and a bioregional footprint?

That’s the goal! and with this campaign, founders will purchase the equipment and materials for the production of high quality flags.

There are at least four components to the goal of the Cascadian Flag Making Cooperative:

  1. To provide flags that are locally made,
  2. To comply with the original intent by the designer of the flag as a bioregional symbol
  3. To receive the artist’s (designer’s) authenticity of quality and
  4. To provide an income for its cooperative members.

Check out the awesome perks, and support this campaign here:

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