Cascadia Day! May 18th Campaign and Events shaping up

Vancouver Chapter has taken the lead, and put down for a nice an online survey to gauge awareness of the Doug and familiarity with the term ‘Cascadia’. In British Columbia at least, only 30% of folks were familiar with the flag, and 33% with the term.

This means we’ve got some work to do! For this May 18th weekend, we’ll be organizing a regional campaign to spread some awareness, and we need your help. For anyone interested, we’re going to be putting together collaborative documents and posters introducing Cascadia, the Doug Flag, and May 18th Cascadia Day for send out to newspapers, local governments, community groups, universities, and hope that individuals in communities around the Pacific Northwest will join us in getting them out in their area.

In addition, we’re asking individuals and groups to host informal or formal events, activities and distinctively ‘Cascadia’ events around the region. We’ll tie these together through social media like livestream, youtube, email, reddit, twitter, instagram, tumblr and more! #May18 #Cascadiaday. Join us in one of our online groups, reddit – or email a regional coordinator or us directly at to get involved.

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