The first ever Cascadia Collegiate Cup starts March 27th!

The first ever Cascadia Collegiate Cup championship league and tournament involving six of the best colleges in the Northwest begins on March 27th. This awesome event is being coordinated by our very own programming intern, Isaac Chandler, who will be graduating in history from the University of Washington this June. The tournament will feature a six week round robin with a two week break at the end of April for the finals of the National Collegiate series. The Cascadia Collegiate Cup finals will be held live in Seattle as a part of Seattle’s Cascadia Day celebration on May 21st and 22nd. Games will be streamed live on Twitch and at Cascadia Day festivals.

Your Cascadia Collegiate Cup Teams Are:

University of British Columbia
UBC- Reigning National Collegiate (NACC) champions,the University of British Columbia is one of the strongest teams in collegiate League of Legends. Currently looking to repeat at the NACC, they’re looking to solidify their position as the best team in Cascadia.

Simon Fraser University
SSFU- Currently second in the NACC West, Simon Fraiser is looking to upset UBC heading into the Cascadia Collegiate Cup, and begin building their legacy. Another favorite of the Cup, expect their game against UBC to be one of the most anticipated and climatic games of the season.

University of Washington
UW- Winners of the first NACC tournament, and currently at 4th in the NACC West. the University of Washington comes into the Cup looking to take another “first of” title for themselves. Led by team captain Bryan McCarthy, they’re hoping to establish themselves as more than a one-hit wonder.

Washington State University
WSU- The only team east of the Cascades for the inaugural season, Washington State University looks to establish the East is best in Cascadia. With a newly revitalized roster, their true strength will be made apparent as the round robin continues.

Portland State University
PSU- A relatively quiet team with a revitalized roster, Portland State University looks to be the Dark Horse of the Cup. Looking to bring Portland it’s first Esports trophy, they’re a team to watch as the Cup gets underway.

Oregon State University: 
OSU- The southernmost team of the first Cup, Oregon State University has had the most competitive path getting here. With a large number of strong teams there, they hosted their first “Road to the Cascadia Cup” tournament, with team Clown9 taking the representative spot for Oregon State. Having proved themselves best at OSU, they’re now looking to prove themselves best in Cascadia

The finals will be held live in Seattle on May 21st and 22nd. Games will be streamed live on Twitch and at Cascadia Day festivals. Stay tuned for updates!

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