Cascadia Convoy to Standing Rock

CascadiaNow! is very excited to announce that it has teamed up with the Backbone campaign to help answer the call for more people and support at #StandingRock. We will be sending two buses, including our own Cascadia Bus (privately owned, not actually by us – we just love it!), and another vehicle which will join with other relief vehicles headed out that way.

Leaving Saturday November 12th from Seattle, WA
Returning Sunday November 20th. You may choose to stay, or return with the bus.

Reserve a Seat or Donate for Gas here

The trip is approximately 25 hours from Seattle. We will drive through with drivers working in shifts. You can get on the bus in Olympia, Seattle or possibly somewhere in between if it’s enroute. The bus is a standard Thomas school bus, so bring what you need to make your ride comfortable! If we fill the first bus, we have a second bus available.

We have a very wonderful person who has offered to help coordinate reserving spaces on the bus. If you’re interesting in joining, we have a reservation form via or on the backbone website You can also reserve a seat by contacting Jo Walters directly at or 360 551 6944 (and make sure to thank her for volunteering to help with the logistics of this thing hah!).

If you want to convoy out with us that might also be awesome, and we could pack your truck with supplies, or find warm bodies to help drive.

The ride is 25 hours, and will be leaving 11/12, hopefully back by 11/20. Please come prepared, and feel free to stay longer. Rides are totally free, but we’re also trying to fund raise for gas/insurance for the trip, so please let anyone interested know that they can pitch in directly on either of those pages.

Also – even if you can’t make the trip, please feel free to pass on and share with anyone who might be interested

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