Cascadia Convergence Location Announced!

Hi all of you amazing Cascadians, 

CascadiaNow! is excited to announce that we are partnering with the Mt. Rainier Family Farm in Southwest Washington for our 2017 Cascadia Convergence and Campout. Located just half an hour from Mt. Rainier National Park, and just south of Elbe, this amazing space contains more than 240 beautiful acres of forested pasture, a river running through the property, trails and lots to explore. 

Cascadia Convergence is a place that everyone interested in the idea of Cascadia can meet face to face, and have a great time camping. All are welcome to give presentations, share music and performances, talks, and join us in envisioning what the next year looks like. We bring together a variety of different interests and groups so that a range of Cascadian perspectives are represented. We focus on bringing people together, organizing and planning, and building community.

Cascadia Convergence June 9-12

Mt. Rainier Family Farm | 206 Lutkins Rd, Elbe, Washington 98330

For Facebookers, the FB page is here, and the FB event is here. Please feel free to send on to friends and family, and please direct any question our way. 

Powered by your Donations

This year, we are working to make sure our Cascadia Campout is open to everyone! It is entirely run and supported through your donations. If you would like to see this event continue, please think about chipping some change on the registration form, or let us know what you might be able to bring, or volunteer to make it a more magical experience for all involved. 

To perform, host a workshop, or lead a talk, just let us know when you register and we’ll be in touch!

Volunteers Needed!

First work party will be this weekend, April 29th, down at the space. Join us!

In addition, we will be having several work parties to help get the space ready! Our first work party will be this weekend, to both survey the space, and get to work with some initial site mapping and clearing. Tipi’s are likely for anyone joining, just help us by RSVPing by joining the FB event, and emailing if you’re interested!

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