Be Involved: 4 Easy Steps to Start a Chapter

Be Involved

4 easy steps to start a chapter:

Starting a chapter has never been easier, and interest has never been growing as fast as it is right now. We’re calling for everyone who would like to be involved, and three simple steps:

  1. Check the chapters and groups page to make sure there are no already existing groups.
  2. Set a time and place for your first meeting. Think about a nice cafe, restaurant, bar, or community space. 
  3. Start a CascadiaNow! Facebook Page and Group. 
  4. Email us at with information about your first meeting. We’ll make sure to direct you to others in your area, help you get the word out, and try to have a couple of representatives attend your first meeting if we can.

Right now, since May 18th (Cascadia Day) is coming up, we are asking people to hold informal meetings to discuss holding whatever they feel is a ‘Cascadia’ event, in their community or area. There will also be a regional meeting in Portland 4/20, a Salish Sea conference 4/26 and a Poetry Festival 5/1. Aside from decentralized actions for May 18th, we’ll also be providing a collaborative letter and email send out to newspapers, local governments, schools, and blogs, and is an easy, low stress point of entry for anyone who would like to be involved but doesn’t have the time for to start a chapter. Make sure to contact us, or a regional coordinator for more information


Contact your regional coordinator to get involved, or us directly to get a chapter started!

We also hope to see you all at either the 4/20 convergence, the 4/26 Salish Sea gathering, or the May 1st Poetry Festival – and a big thank you to everyone who’s leading the way in helping us get groups up and running~!

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