Cascadians on Net Neutrality – Please Act Now!

Another Net Neutrality Debacle. After winning a major battle in 2015, the FCC is again moving against Net Neutrality – hoping to tier the internet into paid data capping and usage, and undoing free speech rulings and regulations currently in place.

Cascadia is an Open Source Movement, and a DIY one at that.  We want every person or group to be able to have that same access – and which has made the proliferation of information such a powerful force for education and change in the world.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. Two years ago, record numbers of comments affected policy positively, and we need to do that again. We need to pressure the FCC and Congress and show that the public won’t stand for this handout to big cable companies. Here are a few easy tools you can use to make your voice heard: 

MAKE A WEB BANNER Are you a web admin? Display a banner on your website. You can display a prominent alert on your site that shows the world what the web will look like without net neutrality—and asks your visitors to call. Click here for a demo or grab the code on GitHub.

If you are passionate about these issues – act at now: 

  • Battle for the Net : Tool to send comments to the FCC and Congress
  • : Customizable comments to the FCC
  • Save the Internet : Petition and background on net neutrality
  • Protect Net Neutrality : Petition to FCC and members of House and Senate
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