2018 CascadiaNW Festival

2018 CascadiaNW Festival: Recap & Pictures

2018 CascadiaNW FestivalCascadia Underground was super excited to partner for the annual 2018 CascadiaNW Festival held each year at the Masonic Family Campground in Granite Falls WA. The event draws thousands of individuals, artists, musicians and DJ’s each year. Each year we provide the Cascadia Bus, say hello to our awesome friends at Ecotopia, Mythica and Corpus Crux, and set up a Cascadia Information and Merch table. 

This year featured an awesome lineup including Shadow People, Behrouz, Soohan, Bluetech, Christian Martin, Haana, Worthy, DJ Three, Sixis, Jenu, dozens of others, on 4 total stages of music, with hundreds of artists, performers and vendors. For those unfamiliar with CascadiaNW, the 2018 CascadiaNW Festival celebrates our beautiful Northwest culture, with three days of music, art, and camping on nearly 300 acres of North Cascade scenery at the Masonic Family Park, near Granite Falls, Washington.  

If you didn’t make it this year, we can’t wait to see you next year!

Pictures from the 2018 CascadiaNW Festival

About 2018 CascadiaNW Festival

Cascadia NW is produced by Starborne Productions, as well as hundreds of other members of Cascadian communities from across the Pacific Northwest. Each year, the festival is unique in that festival goers and organizers divide up into different camps, including Mythica, Genesis, Ecotopia and Nu Iceland, each of whom have their own stage, art and music that they coordinate and orchestrate.

Cascadia NW Festival Sasquatch2015 was the inaugural Cascadia NW Arts And Music Festival and it was a huge success! More than two thousand Cascadians took part, with an amazing weekend of music, art and just a great all around time. Tickets can be pricey at over a hundred bucks a pop, so get yours early. If you’re planning on making it and it’s your first Cascadia NW- expect a wonderful time with several thousand other Cascadians, and like any Cascadian festival, come ready to dance and party, rain or shine.

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