2015 Cascadia Rainingman Registration Open!

Hello all you wonderful Cascadians!

We are excited to announce and invite you to our 2015 Rainingman Festival, September 4-7th just south of Olympia, WA! 

Tickets and presenter, musician, performer and volunteer registration are all available at 


Rainingman is our annual festival to celebrate Cascadia and all the wonderful people who help make this movement happen! Live art, presentations, skillshares, debriefs and discussions during the day. Music into the night. 

We are opening up registration a bit early this year and offering discount tickets for all our awesome new CascadiaNow members, and everyone who joined us last year. This year we’ve partnered up with Music on the Mounds, and will kick off September 4th and continue all Labor Day Weekend just south of Olympia, WA bordering the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve.  

RSVP via facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1571919596357084/

This year will have two stage areas, a central gathering area, community kitchen, food vendors, small craft fair and more. Discount tickets for all awesome long time supporters, new members, and everyone who joined us last year.  

Reserve your ticket now! http://www.cascadiarainingman.com/reserve-your-ticket/

If you are a presenter, musician or performer, submit a proposal at:

Musicians and Performers: http://www.cascadiarainingman.com/proposal
Presenters: http://www.cascadiarainingman.com/propose-a-presentation
Artists: http://www.cascadiarainingman.com/artists/
Tablers/Vendors: http://www.cascadiarainingman.com/vendors/

If you are worried about prices, or just want to volunteer, let us know!
Volunteer: http://www.cascadiarainingman.com/volunteer/

Due to space limitations, we will be limiting space to 300 people. Early bird membership rates are $45 all weekend, $25 for one day, with money going to cover costs, the musicians, speakers, presenters and artists, as well as of course our amazing hosts Music on the Mounds. We will also have a set number of reduced/free tickets for those not able to cover the full price.

The event will be family friendly during the day, and uh, adult friendly evening on. Out of respect for our hosts, no RV’s or dogs. 

MORE DETAILS TO COME SOON! – contact cascadianow@gmail.com in the meantime for any questions or comments.


You all are awesome! We can’t wait to see you there. 


About CN!: 
CascadiaNow cultivates a resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest community. We are an umbrella non-profit social and cultural movement that connects and empowers individuals and communities in the Pacific Northwest, and provide services, resources and tools for Cascadian projects, events and chapters that educates about Cascadia and bioregionalism, and support a thriving, inclusive and positive movement.

Website: http://cascadianow.org/

Cascadia Flags, Clothing, Stickers and more. 

About Music on the Mounds:
Music on the Mounds is an amazing 10 acre show space located just south of Olympia, WA. They are run by an amazing team of folks dedicated to showcasing art and music of the Pacific Northwest. 

Website: http://www.musiconthemounds.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/MusicOnTheMounds/timeline

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