11/15 Seattle Outreach Meeting: Report Back

Our first Seattle CascadiaNow! Outreach Meeting was an awesome success! We hope you’ll join us for our

Next Meeting: Sunday 12/20, 12-2pm, Cafe Racer

At our first meeting, we covered Introductions, a nice reportback of events we were involved in 2015, and then brainstormed for both some immediate events we could table, and 2016 events we’d like to be a part of or host. 

At our next meeting, we will decide 

  1. One Cascadia Social event we would like to host
  2. One Cascadia Fundraising event we would like to host
  3. Setting up a regular monthly Cascadia table 
  4. Identify a graphic designer to help us a design a Seattle CN! T-Shirt

Action Items:

Please email updates between mtgs to everyone on the Outreach Committee as you have the time.

To Do:

  • Free farmers market table
  • Tabling at campus and farmers market
  • Tabling gear
  • Tabling at Seattle Center Crafts Fair
  • T-shirt designs
  • Winter solstice tabling events
  • Partnership with affordable housing organization, hiking, native plant society, other orgs?
  • Green drinks
  • PCM tournament

Types of Events we might want to host in 2016

  • Cascadia LoL Tournament – Cascadia Cup / Bioregion / Character with flag. Summoners Cup
  • ascadia Social
  • Cascadia Show
  • Cascadia Hiking – Native Plants / Mycological
  • Cascadia Campout
  • Cascadia Themed Discussion
  • Seattle Center Craft Fair
  • May 18 Cascadia Day
  • Seattle Solstice Parade
  • Pride Parade
  • Solstices
  • U-District Street Fair  
  • UW Dawg Days – September
  • Slow Loras – T-shirt / Seattle CascadiaNow
  • Local people addressing local issues
  • Green Drinks – Monthly, Sponsorship?
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