Cascadia Underground is a independent and digital media center for bioregional organizers, causes and movements.



About the Cascadia Underground

Cascadia Underground is a Seattle-based media center, cooperative and Cascadia wide collective that provides action-focused education, resources and community space for the Cascadia movement and bioregional issues. By magnifying diverse voices, stories and perspectives, we empower Cascadians to actively resist oppression, exploitation, discrimination or marginalization.   We are working to reignite the spirit of Independent Media Centers and journalism networks that were active in the late 1990’s and 2000’s. We provide media space for independent citizen journalism, with computers and equipment for digital audio, video, photography recording, editing and publishing - and work to pair that with working professionals and interns who can guide an open and non-commercial media collective of programs and content creators. We support these activities through our non-profit store. With more than half of our organizing team comprised of people of color, and also including non-gender conforming and LGBTQ+ individuals, Cascadia Underground seeks to be an active example of its commitment to strengthening diversity within the Cascadia movement.

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