Voices of the Revolution: Omari Salisbury

Omari Salisbury & Converge Media:

In our first Voices of Revolution segment, we are featuring Omari Salisbury.

Streaming the Revolution. He has been covering from day 1, for more than a month straight. What began as an unintentional live stream has spawned into a full fledged media team dedicated to covering the #CHOP / #CHAZ and #BLM / George Floyd protests in Seattle.

Find him on twitter @Omarisal or on facebook https://facebook.com/WWConverge/.

We appreciate Omari’s coverage because he notoriously keeps his cool, no matter the circumstance, trying to keep a fair and balanced hand while holding people accountable to what they have said and done. Converge has grown to more than 20,000 followers, and they continue to provide live streams and coverage.

You can support his work:

  • – https://www.paypal.me/ConvergeMedia
  • – https://venmo.com/convergemedia
  • – https://cash.app/$convergemedia
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