UpZones #1: Sol Villarreal

Episode #1: For the first ever episode of UpZones podcast, real estate agent and creator of Sol’s Civic Minute Sol Villarreal takes host Ian Martinez through his personal history, the Seattle housing market, trust in politics, and gentrification, while tackling the hard questions we all must face living in a city during a time of extreme change.

Sol Villarreal is a real estate agent, civic entrepreneur, and community engagement coordinator under former Seattle MayorMike McGinn. He authors the Civic Minute – a weekly newsletter that provides updates and news on what you need to know in less than a minute every Sunday.  Over the course of four years working in the Mayor’s Office, he got to know people and communities and has kept his finger on the pulse of the city ever since.  While his newsletter began as a tool to remind his contacts he does, in fact, sell real estate, it has evolved to become a major part of the dialogue for civic engagement in Seattle.

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About Upzones Podcast:

Host Ian Martinez, a former journalist and Obama Administration adviser, brings his unique conversational manner to long-form interviews with community leaders in the arts, politics and activism, business, and general civic life.

UpZones podcast features stories from the people building a richer, more cosmopolitan new Seattle. Learn more or see all episodes of Upzones from their program main page.

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