UpZones #14: Tiana Duncan & Brandon Letsinger

Episode 14: Longtime competitive athlete and founder of the Duncan Connection Tiana Duncan stops by the bookstore. She and Ian discuss the role fitness can fill in building social relationships and thawing the “Seattle freeze,” especially in scenarios where it’s acceptable to throw shade at the instructor. Then, Cascadia Underground and Cascadia Media founder Brandon Letsinger finally sits down and raps with Ian about the inspiration for creating a culturally autonomous region in the Pacific Northwest, warning against those who use the regional identity for nefarious racial purposes. 

Tiana Duncan:

At 6 years old, Tiana Duncan began her journey as a competitive swimmer due to a near death experience several years earlier.  Swimming taught her how important it is to take care of yourself as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. Tiana is the founder of the Duncan Connection, which focuses on meeting participants where they currently are in their holistic wellness journey.  Tiana believes that from there, the seed of self-investment, community, and social responsibility begins to grow.  Tiana hopes to make the Duncan Connection a household name in community wellness.

Brandon Letsinger:

Before becoming Executive Director of CascadiaNow! Brandon Letsinger began his Cascadia career as an entry level undercover sleeper agent , working his way up slowly though the ranks of moss, ferns, and other low lying shrubs.  Brandon led CN! for more than a decade and oversaw its expansion to sponsorship of more than 15 regional projects.  He recently founded Cascadia Underground, headquartered out of literary landmark Horizon Books.



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