Doug Flying Friday – The Doug Stands for Pride

The Doug Stands for Pride 

As LGBTQ Pride month comes to a close, we’re still celebrating with a photo of the first printing of Transgender Cascadian flags being flown by marchers in Seattle’s Pride Parade this past weekend. We were taken by the multitude of flags in so many colors as Cascadians of every persuasion came together to show their pride in their communities and represent themselves. 


This week’s Doug Flying Friday seeks to highlight the diversity among Cascadians, and our focus at Cascadia Underground of magnifying marginalized voices. Check out all of the different flag gradients , and comment below on the ones you would most like to see us print a Doug on to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month with next year. 

Examples of the many different gradients used by members of the LGBTQ community to represent themselves as featured in Doug Stands for Pride

How are you celebrating Doug Flying Friday? We’d love to see your photos celebrating LGBTQ Pride month!

And remember there’s more Pride around Cascadia to come!!!:

Upcoming Pride Festivals in British Columbia: Click here

Upcoming Washington State Pride’s 

Upcoming Oregon State Pride Festivals: Click here 


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Don’t have a Doug? No problem!

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