Upcoming Cascadia Events: New BC Art Exhibit and Occupy the Forests

cascadia solstice rainbow pride

Cascadia: New Art Exhibit in British Columbia

Cascadia, a new exhibition, will be running from January 24th to March 31st at The Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

The show explores diverse art practices of visual artists from various regions in the Northwest Coast who are examining and exploring diverse concepts of the landscape (rural and urban) as well as social, cultural and political issues from a Pacific Northwest perspective.  These artists provoke a re-imaging of a specific social, cultural and political landscape to establish a dialogue between artists living in different place addressing different audiences as well as one another and demarcating zones of cultural production.

“Cascadia… still retains a sense of self identity. This exhibition explores that identity.”

Scott Mardsen, Curator.


One of the objectives of Cascadia is to establish a dialogue between visual artists from Washington, British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon and explore the similarities and difference of art practices from those specific regions.  Cascadia is a visual framework in which diverse artistic points of view are initiated and new dialogues multi-media art works mediate between artists and cultures on North America’s Pacific North Coast.


Cascadian Gathering 2013: Occupy the Forests

Join several hundred other fellow Cascadians somewhere deep in the woods of Mt. Hood, Oregon for an annual gathering, and to help celebrate and create a new off the grid Cascadian community. While it begins April 2nd, the goal is to set up a long term Eco-Village and with it the auspices of a Cascadian Free State. Starting April 2nd 2013 In Mt. Hood National Forest 45 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon in a location to be disclosed later.  More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/445871432117388/?fref=ts