Cascadia: August in Pictures

August had almost to many pictures to count and keep track of. Below is just a selection of the dozens pictures submitted in the past month, including massive new TIFO from Portland, Cascadia tattoos, group artwork and of course flags! From cars, flying from flag poles and used as capes. Cascadia cascadia cascadia!

A Cascadian Sunrise.

Occupied Cascadian Territory. Located in an unidentified dark, rainy and sunny forest of the Pacific Northwest.

 Cascadian Against War (CAW) members outside of a recruitment office as part of a simultaneous shut down within the Pacific Northwest.

Who says we can’t defend ourselves? Towards a Cascadian Defense Force? Probably not, but hey we can get that flag on the top of the tank as well as the rest of ’em.

 A Cascadian Vista, from Mt. Si facing Mt. Rainier in the distance.

One of many great shots of the giant Portland TIFO against the Vancouver Whitecaps that involved hundreds of fans waving differently colored flags as a giant doug tree was raised in the middle, forming the Cascadian flag.

Cascadians for 12 egg omelets! it’s important that we have our priorities right.

 Cascadia as Fuck. One day you will be as cool as this guy. Maybe.

Another great shot from the Portland Timbers Match.

Another great picture of a Cascadia flag tattoo. At some point we’re going to need to put together a collection of these. How cool.

Cascadian pride at its best. Cascadia soccer federation? here we come.

Free Cascadia! Sticker

Submitted and found on the Olympic coast. They really seem to be getting everywhere. How neat!

Felix is the true king of Cascadia! Right after the perfectly pitched Seattle Mariners game when Montero and Felix jointly took the mound and Montero threw the first pitch.


The Cascadia Flag flies outside of Jeld-Wen Stadium along with the Canadian and US flags, harkening a Cascadia Cup Match.

Seems as though the New York Red Bulls may have an issue with Cascadia.