Organizing Principles

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Chapters and Groups:

For Chapters Groups, Projects, Events, Sponsees and Community Partners

CascadiaNow! sponsors and supports projects, events, chapters and community partnerships to raise awareness of Cascadia, celebrate our distinct culture and regional identity, and to increase the independence of our bioregion – socially, politically, environmentally and economically. 

Our projects focus on ‘Cascadia’, are positive, regional in nature, in line with our core principles and are based around distinct aspects of Cascadian culture or regional identity. This incorporates history, geography, music, food, poetry, art, language – and how we interact on an interpersonal level, and with our physical environment.

There are many projects, events and groups that incorporate many different Cascadian values and principles, but that we do not sponsor. This is because there is usually a different key focus, and within that, there are usually other groups and organizations who can provide better and more specific support than we are able to.

Even if your project/group isn’t specifically Cascadia related, please feel free and contact us. We participate, and partner with a wide variety of groups and projects, as long they are relevant to our core principles. 

Organizing Checklist:

  • Is it in the context of Cascadia?
    CascadiaNow! projects, and partners focus on Cascadia, or some element of Cascadia as their primary focus.  

  • Is it regionwide or have a regional focus?
    CascadiaNow! projects and partners are regional by nature, either by gathering people from around the area, focusing on regional issues, or can be replicated in other communities and cities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • Is it related to Cascadian culture or identity?
    There are many wonderful and amazing groups currently active around many different aspects of Cascadia. CascadiaNow! has chosen to primarily focus on exploring Cascadian culture and regional identity, and what it means exactly to be an inhabitant of this region. CN! is not for political organizing or activism – rather if you’re interested in those aspects, please email us directly and we’ll connect you with groups active in those areas.

  • Is it positive?
    Yes there are bad things happening in the world. No, we will not be defined by what we are against. Cascadia is a positive vision, rooted in a love of place. We want to shift the focus to the amazing people already out in our communities every day doing amazing things, and help connect people to new, exciting ways explore our region, world and society, for everyone living here.

  • Does it match our core principles?
    CascadiaNow! operates around four core principles that include: dynamic and open governance, accountability and transparency, bioregional sustainability and resiliency, and community empowerment. In addition, no project or community partner may violate our non-discrimination policies.

  • Is it in the public domain?
    CascadiaNow! is a grassroots social movement built by people who love the idea. While we’ll absolutely raise awareness for awesome projects that we think are cool, all works created by CascadiaNow! members are public, and are allowed to be shared in a collaborative archive for other members, supporters and CN! projects, and will not be copyrighted or used for private, for profit companies.