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Octopie Seattle

What is biochar?

Basically, biochar is charcoal that has been soaked with nutrients (i.e. a compost tea) which, when added to soil, has been shown to greatly increase soil fertility. Multiple college studies of biochar have shown 200-300% increased farm yields. Local, organic farms can use their own excess waste streams to produce energy as they make biochar.

What does Octopie Seattle do?

The primary focus of Octopie Seattle is education and therefore outreach which will be done by tabling at markets and festivals around Cascadia. They are organizing biochar stove building workshops, working simultaneously with Seattle area p-patches to get funding for their own design and ovens to be built. Octopie Seattle is committed to teaching the benefits of biochar while involving the community in making functional art pieces for their neighborhood p-patches.

See Octopie Seattle in action on Flickr