NW Community Radio & Media

NW Community Radio

The Cascadia Underground is proud  to support NW Community Radio in and around the Pacific Northwest. Below you will find information for the Puget Sound Community Radio Cohort, as well as the Northwest Region of the Community Media Alliance, which are working to create a citizen and grassroots based alternative to corporate media and news. Many of these radio stations are part of the Lower Power FM movement, and resulted from the FCC opening up thousands of licenses in 2013 for non-commercial educational users.

NW Community Radio: The Puget Sound Radio Cohort

NW Community Radio Puget Sound

  1. KVRU 105.7FM Southeast Seattle
  2. KBFG 107.3 FM North Seattle
  3. Hollow Earth Radio KHUH 104.9
  4. Space 101.1 FM KMGP Magnuson Park
  5. One America Radio KQWZ 106.5 FM SeaTac
  6. Earth on the Air Independent Media KODX 96.9 FM University District
  7. Valley KAPY 104.9 FM Duvall/Carnation/Redmond Ridge
  8. Voice of Vashon KVSH 101.9 FM
  9. Radio Tacoma KTAH 101.9 FM
  10. KTQA 95.3 FM Tacoma 
  11. Seattle University Radio KXSU 102.1 FM

Open Signal Portland

Open Signal Portland Community MediaWith a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, Open Signal makes media production possible for everyone. They provide skills, equipment, inspiration and we amplify local voices on five cable channels. Open Signal is a media arts center in Portland, Oregon. Building upon the 35-year legacy of Portland Community Media.

Learn more on their home page here or their facebook here.

The Alliance for Community Media: Northwest Region

Alliance for Community MediaNorthwest Region represents and advocates on behalf of all media creators and providers including videographers, musicians, graphic designers and Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) cable TV access organizations, community media centers, and access producers throughout the Cascadia Bioregion, including Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Founded initially as a group to support PEG organizations, the inclusion of digital media providers resonates with us on issues like net neutrality, broadband access and the distribution and (protection/production) of artists’ work everywhere through.

You can give them a like on their facebook page here